The food
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We believe that creativity to create good food 
is a very important part of the art of life and we are really happy 
when our meals are at the center of the shared emotion 
from a dinner with friends. 
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New proposals for fall / winter 2016-2017


Barbabietola rossa
Grilled beetroot, buffalo cheese,
marinated pear, rucola and
pumpkin seeds

Veal balls, asparagus and sous vide cooked
quail eggs in veal and chicken brodo

Marinated octopus in olive oil,
white wine, lemon and saffron
with sweet potato cream


Bombette from duck bon fillet with
prosciutto, capers and pecorino on eggplant
humus and tomato and onions concasse


Cassatina Siciliana with orange, apricot and pomelo, canditi, and pistachio, ricotta and marsala cream


Menu I Classici (download here)

Wine List 2016 (download here)


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